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2023-24 Topps Atletico Madrid Team Set

2023-24 Topps Atletico Madrid Team Set

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Expected 3th june , shipped on release!

Boasting a jaw-dropping collection including on-card autographs

and with new designs capturing the passion of Los Rojiblancos,

this premium release features the biggest stars of past and

present to don the famous red and white stripes.

Explore the Base Set, featuring the top rookies, stars and legends across First-Team

Base Card, Incendio, Take Off and Gold Drip designs.

Inspired by the intense Spanish heat and fiery playstyle of

Atlético de Madrid, look for the all-new Incendio design.

Home to some of the most high-flying talents on the pitch, take a

trip to the Spanish capital with the fresh and bold design Take Off.

Wrapping up the base set with an epic chase card featuring the

biggest stars, Gold Drip adds further shine to this electric set.

Chase Autograph Cards featuring past, present, and future

superstars in the base design, as well as the Incendio, Take Off,

and Gold Drip subsets. Additionally, celebrate the history of

the club with Los Rojiblancos Autographs, which brings

on-card autographs to team sets for the first time!

Enjoy an exciting rip with 1 Autograph, 1 Icy Foil Parallel

and at least 1 Sequentially Numbered Parallel 

6 packs per box, 5 cards per pack


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