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2023-24 Topps Soccer Arsenal FC Team Set Box!

2023-24 Topps Soccer Arsenal FC Team Set Box!

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This first-time release highlights Arsenal in all its north-London glory, with the club’s

dynamic first team and rich history of legendary players making this an epic set.

Collect the Base Set, featuring first-team stars and legends across First-Team Base

Cards, North London, Strike!, and Gold Drip designs. Find stunning parallels,

including gold sequentially numbered to 49 in a tribute to the longest unbeaten

streak in English league history.

Celebrate the history of the illustrious club and its iconic home with North London.

Inspired by the immense young talent in the team, Strike! depicts the brightest stars

wearing the famous red and white.

Gold Drip caps off the base set with a prestigious design highlighting

the top chases.

Hunt for Autograph Cards featuring past, present, and future superstars for the firstteam card base design, as well as the North London, Strike!, and Gold Drip

subsets. Look for the ultra-rare Cast In Gold Autographs, inspired by the golden

league trophy won 20 years ago in 2004 - each card in this autograph subset is

sequentially numbered to 49, one copy for each unbeaten match.

Get your hands on a piece of history with Marble Hall Relics!

The fun doesn’t stop there, as you can chase a relic and an authentic signature with

Marble Halls Autograph Relics.

Enjoy a fulfilling rip with 1 Autograph, Relic or Auto Relic,

plus at least 1 Sequentially Numbered Parallel and 1 Icy

Foil Parallel per box.

6 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.


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