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2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Blaster Box

2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Blaster Box

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opps is celebrating 60 years of Bundesliga football and is pleased to present 2023/2024 Topps Chrome - Bundesliga!

With a new lineup of inserts, a rainbow of parallels and highlights from the Bundesliga's best players, this premium set is packed with hits.

Collect the base set with a strong group of rookies and stars. Discover an incredible selection of Parallels for every player that bring this set to life.

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking array of inserts that feature a returning subset and are accompanied by all-new designs. Titans feature the gladiators of German football, while Topps 1963 takes collectors back to the first year of the Bundesliga, presented in a classic Topps design. Ultrabeam highlights the rising stars and Top XI highlights those who were last season's stars. Discover the greatest legends in league history with Time Travelers and hunt outstanding superstars in the Hobby Masters. In keeping with what a collector might say when pulling this card, keep an eye out for the super-limited LET'S GO

Make your collection shine with Relics. Find the unique Diamond Anniversary Base Relic with a real diamond and a unique numbering that symbolizes a 60-year connection.

Discover a variety of breathtaking autograph cards with stars, rookies and legends in base autograph design. Find two teammates' signatures in Chrome Dual Autograph and add another signature in Chrome Triple Autograph. Remember the first season of the Bundesliga with Topps Autograph 1963 and discover the best young players with the Ultrabeam Autograph.

Collect the best players from last season with the star-studded Top XI Autograph and the best players from previous years with the Time Traveler Autograph.

1 exclusive legend card and 1 numbered parallel card per box


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